Raised beds

    In the minds of some, raised beds are fancy constructions, often produced using expensive kits. My raised beds are produced using whatever scrap material I have on hand for the sides, and supporting these with stakes driven into the ground at 4-6′ intervals. This image shows one bed with sides of scrap lumber and another bed with sides of strips of recycled galvanized sheet metal roofing. As the edge of sheet roofing is dangerously sharp, I cut a slit along the length of old worn-out garden hose and mount the hose along the top edge of the roofing.

Raised beds offer several advantages –

        • If top soil is thin the beds increase the depth of topsoil.
        • The clearly designated paths discourage pedestrians from stepping on and compacting the soil within the beds.
        • Raised beds improve drainage – a real plus in my rainy Pacific Northwest climate.
        • Last, but certainly not least, the elevated growing surface reduces bending and saves your back during planting and hand weeding.

Raised bed gardening fact sheet – WSU King County Extension

Raised beds a la Steve Solomon


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