Finally a sunny day

Early veg starts
Early veg starts

Today the greenhouse is pleasantly warm.  Onions, parsley, lettuce, brussel sprouts and broccoli seedlings all look very happy.

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Punxsutawney Phil

Don’t mean no disrespect for Phil; no doubt his forecasts are great for the East, but he doesn’t know beans about Pacific Northwest weather. Groundhogs are not native to our area. Probably we need to find a mountain beaver to do the forecast. 6 more weeks of constant rain? Or SUNSHINE?

Inauguration day

January 21 is probably an odd day to start a gardening website. Beginning this task today no doubt reflects my longing for the arrival of spring. At the moment, the weather is better suited for growing hoar frost than vegetables.

Even so, 4 days ago I planted a few 4″ pots with a scattering of seeds for parsley, yellow onions, red onions, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.  The Brussels sprouts and broccoli were both sprouted today so I placed them in my greenhouse.  As the night-time temperatures are presently about 30 F and the greenhouse is unheated, it will take a bit of luck for the seedlings to survive.


We are approaching the end of an exceptionally cold and rainy June. Even with the shelter of a hoop-
house covered with row-cover fabric my tomatoes are having a hard time setting fruit.  The varieties that have managed to set fruit thus far include –


Bonnie Best
Brad’s Black Heart
Box Car Willie

Loading the Ark

We have had rain 28 of the last 30 days, and no end in sight. Seeds are rotting in the ground for many of my plantings,  This could be the worst year ever for tomatoes, but so far, they are doing OK, pampered as they are with black poly at their base and row cover overhead.