Tomato starts are here!

Large healthy certified organic tomato plants in “trade” gallon pots, are now available for purchase at High and Dry Farm. These are $9 each, including tax. This is slightly cheaper than the big box stores charge for plants that are not certified organic.

Plants can be picked up at our self-serve farmstand at 32814 120th St. SE.

Order and prepay on-line before pick-up.

We have the following varieties: Abe Lincoln, Amish Paste, Arkansas Marvel, Aunt Ginny’s Purple, Aunt Ruby’s Green, Aussie, Austin Red pear, Beam’s Yellow Pear, Benviento, Big beef, Bison, Black Beauty, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Bloody Butcher, Brandywine, Camp Joy, Carbon, Cherokee Purple, Dingwall Scotty, Earl of Edgemont, Estiva, Flamme, Frachetta di manduria. German Johnson, Goose Creek, Grandpa’s Minnesota, Ibsen’s Gold, Ilses Yellow, Impulse, Jasper, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Kimberly, Lucky Bee, Manitoba, Neve’s Azorean Red, New Hampshire Surecrop, Olga’s Round Yellow Egg, Peace Vine, Prescott, Pruden’ Purple, Sakura, Salvaterres, San Marzano, Sebastopol, Ste Lucie, Stupice, Sungold, Sunpeach, Tommy toe


I can’t decide whether foraging food or growing food is more satisfying. Our horse pastures sprout meadow mushrooms this time of year, and this year the crop has been huuuuuuge.

A few of these will become a side-dish for steak tonight. The rest go into our dehydrator.

Agaricus campestrina

Winter salad greens

winter salad greens
A week of sunny days does great things for hoophouse greens

The cucumber and pepper crop in hoophouse #1 was ripped out, and replaced with transplanted spinach, arugula, and romaine lettuce and direct-seeded lettuce for salad mix a couple weeks ago. They are doing well, despite nighttime temperatures of 28 degrees.

Padron peppers, the original poppers

Padron Peppers

New for the farm this year, padron peppers. These early ripening peppers are a stock item on the menu of Spanish tapas bars. Sauté them in smoking hot olive oil until they brown and blister, sprinkle with salt, and pop them in your mouth! They have just a touch of heat, but every tenth one is a little hotter – Russian roulette with food

Planting Fall Veg

Half of the bed of potatoes was harvested last night. The bed was rototilled, covered with 200 lbs of compost mixed with 1 lb of bone meal, and planted with transplants of lettuce, various members of the cole family, endive and kale (lacinto and red Russian varieties). To help the young plants along I laid down new drip tape.