High Tunnel Progress

After some thought we decided to build our new high tunnel with 4′ hoop spacing, instead of 5′, for added strength, so the planned dimensions are now 30′ x 96′. A big unexpected roadblock is that we cannot perform site leveling or post installation until an archaeologist assesses the site, and NRCS has no idea when the archaeologist can visit, as they employ only one to cover the whole state. WTF?

The hoophouse kit arrived on June 5. 7000 lbs of steel. Today we are in the middle of assembling 25 hoops with trusses. The hoops weigh about 200 lbs each, so muscling them around in 85 degree heat ain’t a lot of fun. We are a little more than half done.

  • Updated progress report
  • Grant contract signed -Done
  • Rototill site – Done
  • Fed approval of contract – Done
  • Set position of 4 corner posts and check for square – Done
  • Order high tunnel kit from Oregon Valley Greenhouse – Done
  • Site visit by archeologist and NCRS Cultural Resources approval – Sept.5 Done
  • Preassemble bow assemblies – Done.
  • Rent stump grinder to remove 3 stumps – Done
  • Roughly level site (1.5% grade allowed) and sculp drainage channels along sides – Done
  • Set 4 corner posts – Done
  • Set side posts – Done
  • Mount bows – Done
  • Install diagonal bracing on sides – Done
  • Install three longitudinal purlins – Done
  • Construct endwall frame – Done
  • Mount endwall door frames – Done
  • Attach baseboards and hip boards – Done
  • Attach wigglewire channel – Done
  • Mount poly skin – Done
  • Install side roll-up devices – Done
  • Install perimeter landscape fabric – Done
  • Job Complete Oct. 20

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