More tomatoes sowed

Sowed the following varieties (8 cells ea., 1 seed per cell).
Italian Tree
Neves Azorean Red
Eva Purple Ball
Martino’s Roma
Cosoluto Fiorentino
Anna Russian
Tommy Toe
Saint Pierre
Amish Paste
Red Siberian
Old Brooks

For more info about these varieties, see Garden Spot Wiki.

Seeds for 2008

I stocked up on a variety of seeds at the local supermarket. As usual, I waited until the half price sale, which occurs every spring. These are Ed Hume seeds. Ed Hume is a locally based seed supplier, which specializes in seeds suited to the Northwest. I supplemented these with the following seeds ordered from Territorial Seeds Company.

Basil-Aroma 1/4 gram
Boothbys Blonde Cucumbers – 1 gram
Cannellini Bean – 1 oz
Casper Eggplant – 1/8 gram
Derby Day Cabbage – 1/2 gram
Dusky Eggplant – 1/8 gram
Fastbreak Melon – 1 gram
Garland Round Leaved Edible Chrysanthemum – 1 gram
Lemon Cucumbers – 1 gram
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber – 20 seeds
Misono Green Bean – 1 oz
Rubine Brussels Sprouts – 1/4 gram
Señorita Pepper – 25 seeds
Staddon’s Select Pepper– 1/4 gram
Stein’s Late Flat Dutch Cabbage – 1/2 gram
Violetto Artichoke– 2 grams
Watercress – 1/4 gram

Bonkers for Tomatoes 2008

This year I decided to trial a wide variety of heirloom tomato varieties. I purchased these.


Heirloom Tomatoes

  • Amish Paste
  • Anna Russian
  • Costoluto Fiorentino
  • Manyel
  • Martino’s Roma
  • Napoli
  • Eva Purple Ball
  • Old Brooks
  • Red Siberian
  • Saint Pierre
  • Stupice
  • Tommy Toe

And I saved these seeds from last years crop –